Shmangle FAQ

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Wherever you go in the great outdoors, the Shmangle blanket is the ideal waterproof and cuddly fleece that will keep you protected and warm. Take it for picnics, festivals, camping, sports events, fishing – everywhere! Shmangles come with colour co-ordinated backpacks too!

Our Shmangle blankets are made in China and are made from 100% polyester.

They are made from 100% polyester.

Yes, you can rest assured that unless you sit in water, you should stay dry in a Shmangle blanket. Of course it is a blanket not a wetsuit, so don’t expect miracles!

Yes! Your Shmangle is made from hard wearing polyester fleece inside and can be washed if necessary at low temperature and hang dried (not tumbled).
Your Shmangle can also be re-proofed after a while with Nikwax Techwash – please see manufacturers’ instructions for use.