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Blue Shmangle blanket with bright rainbow design on the inside. Waterproof on the outside and features a hood to protect you from sun, rain or wind – whatever weather comes your way! Shmangle blankets are ideal for festivals, parties or picnics and will become your year-round friend.

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Out of stock


Dimensions: 1.4m x 1.7m
Weighs: Approx 1 Kilogram (2.2 Pounds)
Price: £28.50 + £3.00 Postage and Packaging
Colours: Blue striped fleece inner blanket with a blue outer shell and matching backpack.
Inside: Striped Soft Fleece
Washing: Machine washing and drying, but on low heat

Our Shmangle hooded blankets will surprise you. Yes there are a variety of picnic’ish sort of blankets on the market, but nothing like this! Our blanket is waterproof on the one side and has lovely printed fleece on the inside or plain if you like. But the great revolution is the hood; it will protect you against wind, rain, snow or whatever you come in contact with when outside.

They are great for outdoor events like music festivals but can be used anywhere, anytime. You can use your Shmangle blanket in the summer or winter. It will become your year round friend.

The bright, colourful blankets all have the same multi-coloured stripe fleece lining, with either red, blue , green water-resistant outer layer.

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